Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity: BBA Chapter at UNA

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Beta Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of North Alabama, Florence


Chapter History:  The Beta Beta Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc,  at the University of North Alabama (Florence, AL), was chartered on December 2, 1998 through the efforts of Brother Ron Boone, Brother James Driscoll, and Brother Gordon Fenderson, who were Sigma Brothers who had transferred to the University in the late 1990's.  The Charter Members of Beta Beta Alpha Chapter were Brother Marvin A. Coley, Brother Henry L. Davis, Brother Corey A. Harris, Brother Freddie L. Ingram, Jr, Brother Mike A. Metcalf, Brother Orlando K. Patterson, Brother Marco A. Rice, Brother James H. Tolliver III, and Brother Ryan F. Zuber.  While the Chapter was in a transitional period, Brother Pervis A. Key and Brother Darryl C. Hamilton were initiated into the Chapter on September 21, 2003, and Brother Acoyia T. Duster followed suit in 2004.

The Chapter returned to campus on December 4, 2010 when a group of new Brothers joined the Fraternity and re-founded the Chapter, thanks to Brother D'Lavante L. Gibson, Brother Hirbo D. Hirbo, Brother Abdi-Kadir H. Mohamed, Brother Joshua D. Phillips ("The Four Corners of the World"), a group that represented four nations:  The Bahamas, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the USA, respectively.  During the first two semesters on campus, the Chapter immediately became distinguished for having the highest GPA among all greeks at the University (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011).  The Chapter's membership doubled in size on November 14, 2011 with the induction of the Fall 2011 "Phly Society Four":   Brother Julian N. Anderson, Brother Loic M. Dimithe, Brother De'Jhan A. Holland, and Brother Deondrick C. Orr.  The campus learned of Sigma's expansion at an entertaining  Probate Show on January 12, 2012,  a snowy night, but yet attended by many Sigma Brothers and Zeta Sorors from several different universities.  The Chapter expanded once again upon the welcome to Brother Alton Colvin, who became a Sigma on November 4, 2012.   The Chapter's academic excellence continued with the Chapter having the highest GPA among all NPHC organizations, and the 3rd highest among all Greeks at UNA for the Fall of 2011. 

The Year 2013 proved to be a most remarkable year for the Beta Beta Alpha Chapter.  The Chapter attended the Conclave for the first time, appeared  in the Crescent Magazine for the first time, received nation-wide recognition for 2 of its scholars who both received Scholarship money from the Fraternity, and had a candidate compete and win at the State and Regional levels for the Oratorical Contest.  Brother Loic Dimithe, who was also honored as a "Most Promising UNA Alumni" in 2012, would go on to finish in 2nd place in the Oratorical Contest at the Conclave and receive financial funding for his achievement.

The Year 2014 was the Centennial Year of Phi Beta Sigma, which was founded 100 years earlier in 1914.  The Sigmas of UNA made the most of it with a flurry of activities that contributed to campus life.  A Back to School Party was hosted on January 9th by Phi Beta Sigma at Towers Hall, where the Chapter's 3-level Cake was shared with the student body.  A Winter Coat Drive proved to be successful and Chapter had its first presence in the radio through a live broadcasted Interview on WZZA-AM Radio.  The Chapter later participated in a telethon with WZZA for Sickle Cell Anemia.    Sigma Week was the best ever, which was highlighted by a Comedy Show that brought the crowds in to be entertained by Ronnie Jordan, and the Blue Lagoon Cook-out which was held on campus for the first time instead of Macfarland Park.   During Zeta Week, a Probate Show that introduced our new Brother Savien Payne and our new Soror, Alexus Cosby occurred.   At the UNA Awards Gala in May 2014,  the Sigmas were honored as the recipient of  2014 UNA Diversity Award, and were the winners of the 2014 UNA Lion's Cup.   The Spring 2014 GPA Report at UNA kept Phi Beta Sigma as the Top NPHC Fraternity in grade rank.  In the Spring of 2015, the Chapter did even better by achieving the highest GPA among all Greek organizations ( 3.50 ).  Brother Marlon Malone, Brother Trey Abernathy, Brother Cordell Taylor, Brother Antonio Newsome, and Brother Martez Hill became members of the Chapter & Fraternity in 2015, and Brother Devin Mastin joined in 2017.  At the Southern Regional Conference in Atlanta, GA, the chapter's delegate, Brother Cordell Taylor received a award plaque from the March of Dimes for the Chapter's support and contribution.    Because of not having Intake, when Brother Devin Mastin and Cordell Taylor graduated in May 2018, the final two members of the Chapter were gone.  Their final semester at UNA ended with the Chapter having the #1 academic ranking, with the top GPA among all Greeks, and the BBA Chapter's highest-ever GPA.  It was a 3.667.


To learn about the History of Phi Beta Sigma, we recommend a visit to Wikipedia.    To learn about the Philosophy of Phi Beta Sigma, please visit our National Website:


List of BBA Chapter Presidents at UNA

1998-99 - Brother Marco Rice

2010 - Brother Joshua Phillips

2010-11 - Brother D'Lavante Gibson

2011 - Brother Loic Dimithe

2012-14 - Brother De'Jhan Holland

2015 - Brother Deondrick Orr  (also President of UNA NPHC in 2014)

2015-16 - Brother Alton Colvin 

2016-18 - Brother Cordell Taylor

List of BBA Chapter Members in the US Military or National Guard

Brother Mike Metcalf

Brother Acoyia Duster 

Brother Marlon Malone

Brother Devin Mastin