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 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., is an international brotherhood dedicated to the principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service to Humanity.  Founded on January 9, 1914 at Howard University in Washington, DC, our unique organization inspires us to address the needs of the community through Projects that cover a variety of initiatives, including Education, Social Action, and Bigger and Better Business programs and initiatives. 


The Fraternity is carrying out its Noble Cause in Florence, Alabama, at the University of North Alabama through its Beta Beta Alpha Chapter.  The BBA Chapter attained its charter in 1998, became re-colonized in 2010 and approved officially at the University of North Alabama in 2013.  The Chapter is associated with the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., at UNA.  The Chapter's membership has a remarkable diversity in national origin, cultures and religions, and displays a genuine attitude of being "the People's Fraternity", with inclusion being the ethical basis of its Cause.



"Culture for Service and Service for Humanity"

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity can play an important part in making your college and post-graduate experience positive, fulfilling, and rewarding.  This Fraternity nurtures individuality while providing greater opportunities for Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service.  Phi Beta Sigma is continuity.  It's yesterday:  with its traditions and impact on history, with ideals carried on from generations past.  It's today:  as a home away from home and a center of your college activities.  It's tomorrow:  as a creator of friendships and support networks that will last your whole life.  Honestly, the parties and step-shows come and go, but the Brotherhood will last a lifetime.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity accepts the responsibility of meeting the needs of our community and contributing to the well-being of society.  Such a responsibility requires that Phi Beta Sigma selects a membership consisting of men of solid character, men of achievement, men of vision, men of service, men of ambition.  As a a social-service Greek-letter organization with the uniquely outward-focusing motto, "Culture for Service and Service for Humanity", we take our Cause seriously and strive to mold the future of the world, and carry its ideals and principles on to the next generation.  Membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity has been an important part in the lives of over 105,000 men.  We hope you will consider the part it can play in your life.

 If interested in membership in our Brotherhood and its Cause, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


Greetings to our Lovely Sorors of the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc, at the University of North Alabama, and to the rest of the Greek community and UNA student body and Shoals Community.



  • Fall 2010 = Chapter GPA of 3.40 - Highest GPA among all Greeks at UNA
  • Spring 2011 = Chapter GPA of 3.29 - Highest GPA among all Greeks at UNA
  • Fall 2011 = Chapter GPA of 3.09 - 3rd Highest at UNA, Highest among NPHC Greeks
  • 2011 Bronze Award for Chapter Membership from the Southern Region of Phi Beta Sigma
  • Spring 2012 = Chapter GPA Highest among all NPHC Frats at UNA
  • Fall 2012 = Chapter GPA Highest among all NPHC Organizations at UNA
  • 2012 UNA Diversity Award Nominee from the Office of Diversity and Institutional Equity
  • 2012 Bronze Award for Chapter Membership from the Southern Region of Phi Beta Sigma
  • 2012 Star Chapter Award for Best Chapter Report from the Southern Region of Phi Beta  Sigma
  • 2013 Oratorical Champion for Alabama:  Brother Loic Dimithe
  • 2013 Southern Region Oratorical Champion:  Brother Loic Dimithe
  • 2013 Scholastic Brother of the Year of the Southern Region:  Bro. Loic Dimithe
  • 2013 Scholarship Awards from Phi Beta Sigma to Bro Abdikadir Mohamed and Loic Dimithe
  • 2013 Scholastic Chapter of the Year of the Southern Region
  • 2013 Appointment of Brother Deondrick Orr as the State 2nd-Vice Director
  • 2014 Winner of the UNA Diversity Award
  • 2014 Winner of the UNA Lion's Cup
  • 2014 Spring - Best Semester GPA among NPHC-affiliated Fraternities
  • 2015 Spring - Best GPA among all Greek Organizations at UNA (3.50 GPA)
  • 2016 Winner of the Most Outstanding Volunteerism Award
  • 2016 Fall - GPA > 3.00 and best among all NPHC Frats at UNA
  • 2017 UNA HOMECOMING UNPC STROLL-OFF Champions:  1st Place
  • 2018 March of Dimes Southern Regional Award
  • 2018 Spring GPA = 3.67 - #1 Academic Ranking among ALL UNA Greeks.



Phi Beta Sigma is the only fraternity at UNA to have a Brother go to the NFL and is the only fraternity to be represented in 3 of UNA's athletic programs:   In UNA Cross-Country, Brother Hirbo Hirbo was the best on the team.  In UNA Basketball, Brother Pervis Key was a starting guard and the best on the team in free-throw percentage.   In 1998, the UNA Football Team essentially started Phi Beta Sigma at UNA when Brother Gordon Fenderson and Brother James Discoll helped the following 7 football players form the Charter Line of the Beta Beta Alpha Chapter at UNA:  Brother Corey Harris,  Brother Freddie Ingram,  Brother James Tolliver, Brother Marvin Coley, Brother Mike Metcalf, Brother Orlando Patterson, and Brother Ryan Zuber.   Brother Marvin Coley played in the NFL Europe League.  Brother Corey Harris still holds multiple school records in various defensive statistics of UNA Football and he went on to a career in the NFL, playing for the Chiefs and the Saints.   Brother Henry Davis had played on the Baseball team at Miles College before he transferred to UNA but didn't play at UNA.  Brother Marco Rice was also on the Charter Line and was the Chapter's first Chapter President.   Other UNA Sigmas to play Football at UNA were Brother Reggie Rice, Brother Marcell Craft, and Brother Montrell Craft who played professionally in the Canadian Football League.   The Football Team also has had a couple of Sigma Brothers on UNA Football Coaching Staff:   Brother Rory Bell, and former NFL Star Brother Pat Carter.

Sigma Lions at UNA